A 2016 real estate review by Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers

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A 2016 real estate review by Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers

For some, the year 2016 has been demanding and, as every one of us can see on social media, many will be happy to see it go. For Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers, 2016 rhymes with real estate revival… a feeling that also applies to the upcoming 2017. 

2016’s extraordinary properties

Like every year, 2016 gave us many occasions to take a peek, if only virtual, at some of the greatest and most extraordinary luxury properties, some of which can even be called legendary. Whether it’s Victoria and David Beckham’s mansion, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s apartment, or even the Obama’s future residence, many of the wonderful properties we’ve seen were family homes.

The most expensive house in the world record has been broken, but not by one of Business Insider’s most expensive houses in America.

In short, whether they are real of fictitious, those properties allowed us to dream big in 2016.

Montreal’s effervescent real estate market

Wherever we go, whatever we may say, it is impossible to deny that Montreal’s real estate market is the most effervescent it has been in years. Whether it’s the Outremont’s site of the Université de Montréal, the Four Seasons hotel and branded luxury residences, or the Humaniti real estate project, both located in Downtown surroundings, we’ll have to expect many changes in Montreal’s skyline within the next few months.

What to expect in 2017

Finally, new year often rhymes with reviews and predictions. If the luxury real estate market has been on the rise for most of 2016, things are also showing great promise in 2017. Canada’s government has taken measures to reduce new buyers risks, measures that will be applied in 2017. Also, we have to consider the international real estate market’s influence on the price of Canadian properties.

For the ones who might want more information, note that it is possible to take a look at the annual PricewaterhouseCoopers trend forecast report to know everything there is to know to make the best decisions when it comes to real estate transactions in 2017.

Until then, Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers, wishes you the happiest of new years, a year that will hopefully be filled with health, prosperity, and lots of love.

Photo : Maxim Polishtchouk, StockSnap.io

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