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All around the world and for centuries, only Sotheby’s can pride itself on carrying so much meaning when talking about aesthetics. However, it is only since 1976 that this unique notion of elegance has been transposed to luxury real estate. Thanks to Sotheby’s, today, domestic architecture has become intertwined with the great concepts of art.

Sotheby's art moderneSotheby’s over time

Only a few institutions have been dedicated to beauty and culture for as long as Sotheby’s. The famous auction house that owes its name to one of its founders, John Sotheby, was launched in 1744 and specialized in precious books auctions. In 1778, the company took a turn and widened its interests to artwork and antiquities.

It took almost two centuries for Sotheby’s to cross the Atlantic and establish its first American house in New York city. In the 1950’s, the renowned auction house participated in the resurgence of Impressionism and contributed to the rise of Modernism. Way more than a simple pawn in the great scheme that is the art market, the auction house managed to become inherently implicated in the history of art itself.

In 1967, while Montreal is buzzing with the Universal Exhibition, Sotheby’s is busy opening offices all around the world. Paris, Los Angeles, Toronto, the great western cities now have their own division. Today, Sotheby’s has a location on every continent and has become the greatest auction house of the world; a solid reputation based on irrefutable taste and undeniable expertise of what’s really extraordinary.

Sotheby’s luxury real estate

This long tradition of pioneering also reached a new peak in 1976 when the auction house launched its luxury real estate branch, an innovation that transposed art’s aesthetics and uniqueness to aspiring homeowners lifestyle. Sotheby’s luxury real estate sealed the relation between art and life once and for all.

If, until then, high-end real estate was a heterogeneous market reserved for wealthy individuals, Sotheby’s International Realty divided it two categories: high-end and luxury real estate, the later being very particular.

It is indeed within its refined selection of represented properties that the prestigious brand manifests its standards; they only associate with the very best… the extraordinary. Some patrimonial, some contemporary, Sotheby’s properties are destined to appreciative owners, people who have a keen eye for beauty, people searching a way of life more than a consumption good.

Of course, these extraordinary properties are the very best in quality, but they are also charged with meaning and have their own voice. They tell the story of their owners; a story of elegance and taste.

Sotheby's immobilier de luxe QuébecSotheby’s customized services

Sotheby’s Canadian real estate division receives 2,7 million unique visitors a year. It is « the only real estate company in Canada to deliver over 1.1 billion annual online impressions in an era where over 87% of homebuyers are using the Internet in their real estate search ». With such a visibility and the level of expertise displayed by its realtors, Sotheby’s Realty offers unique and highly specialized services.

Proud to advance under the Sotheby’s banner, Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers, have found a name that represents  their vision. Indeed, Sotheby’s values mirror the professionalism and avant-gardism they’ve been displaying in Montreal’s luxury real estate market, specifically in Outremont and the town of Mount-Royal. It is with conviction that Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers, offer more than a simple service; they pride themselves of accompanying you into you new life, the one you’ve always dreamed of…

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