Christmas magic in Montreal : the best spots

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Christmas magic in Montreal : the best spots

With the snow falling, the passers-by shopping for their last holiday gifts, and the illuminated streets, it’s hard to deny that Christmas magic has taken Montreal by storm. We invite you to take a look at the best Christmas spots at a walking distance from the new Stanbrooke apartments and maybe, give you an excuse to take a walk on one of the upcoming December nights.

The Grand marché de Noël of the Quartier des spectacles

A definite must when it comes to the joys of winter, Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles and Place des Arts are still among Montrealers’ favorite places enjoy the holiday spirit. Once again this year, covered with light and life, the esplanade is home to the Grand Marché de Noël. Whether it’s to complete your gift list, or simply to enjoy a hot chocolate in a festive setting, this is the place to go.

The Old Port of Montreal

With the Terrasses Bonsecours, the skating rink and the impressive Christmas and New Year’s festivities program, the Old Port of Montreal is still performing well on all levels for anyone who wants to experience Montreal at full speed. Arriving at the scene, by day or night, one can only be filled with Christmas magic. We promise you’ll spend a pleasant winter time with family and friends.

The Village du Vilain Sapin of Montreal

Now famous for its humble stature, Montreal’s new Christmas tree proudly stands in the middle of the Village du Vilain Sapin on Prince-Arthur Street. He may be a little hooked and seem to carry to much weight, we are still proud of Montreal’s Vilain Sapin. What could be more endearing than that tall decorated Christmas tree that stands a little tilted? Plus, it is constantly surrounded with people since it perfectly adorns a public place animated with music, shows, and a market. Take a picture of him and share his sweet looks on Instagram… it is very photogenic!

Christmas is everywhere in Montreal

If, as we suggested earlier, you enjoy December enough to stroll through the streets of Montreal, it’s a safe bet that you will come across magnificent places that are even more beautiful when covered in snow. We strongly suggest you visit McGill University’s campus or the Christ Church Cathedral, which proudly presents very unique Christmas tree.

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Photo : Village du Vilain Sapin deMontréal official Facebook page

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