Districts of Montreal – Downtown Montreal

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Districts of Montreal – Downtown Montreal

Whatever the season, there are always exciting events happening in Montreal. In the following list, you will find many occasions to discover the city while having lots of fun:  The International Jazz Festival, the Formula-1, ”Montréal en Lumière”, the ”Fête des neiges”” and much more.

After Paris, Montreal is the second biggest francophone city in the world, making it a major cultural and economic center between Europe and the rest of the English-speaking North America. Montreal is a cultural melting pot with immigrants coming from around the world where you are sure to meet interesting people.

Although Montreal’s history is broad and overwhelming, taking us back to the days of the French colonization, the lifestyle is both definitely contemporary and rampant of new technology. A lot of Montreal companies do business around the world in fields ranging from transportation to communication, film industry, green energy, etc.

Find landmarks quickly by walking up the beautiful Mount Royal, known as the lung of the city. From its panoramic viewpoints you will see the downtown skyline, many of the bridges that connect the island of Montreal to its South shore (Champlain bridge and Jacques-Cartier), the bent tower of the Olympic stadium, the campus of McGill’s university; everything that makes a metropolis welcoming and open to the world.

The Quartier International is the financial hub of the city; this area underwent major urban renewal as a central business district.  With buildings such as the Montreal World Trade center, the Center CPD Capital, the headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization and the Montreal Convention Centre where international and national events are organized. Located in Ville-Marie, this urban space was inaugurated in 2004.  It is also the large-scale project aiming to promote the international vocation of Montreal. Urban, modern and prestigious, it offers an exceptional living environment at the heart of the city center.

The Cité du Multimedia  is a neighborhood dedicated to the new technologies. You will certainly come across a few hipsters hooked to their smartphones. The revival of this old industrial neighborhood propels Montreal into the high-tech business future with graphic designers and programmers in the conquest of the World Wide Web.

The Quartier des Spectacles is accessible by St. Catherine Street. The starting point is a paved pedestrian area equipped with a surprising network of ground fountains, located between Jeanne-Mance Street and Park Avenue. During the many festivals, such as the International Jazz Festival, you can assist to an outdoor service or indoor at an artist in vogue. Also during the winter you can enjoy the Festival of lights where the streets are illuminated and winter activities take places.

The Quartier Latin is found north of St. Catherine Street and extends to Mont-Royal Plateau. Known for its theaters and its artistic vibe, you will discover student’s cafes, trendy bars, and numerous microbreweries. The atmosphere is creative at the same time festive and relaxed.

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