Great fashion designers and their luxury home decor collections

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Great fashion designers and their luxury home decor collections

These luxury home decor collections might not come as a surprise if you have a real passion for high fashion. Still, for most people, fashion designers concentrate their efforts solely on clothing. Therefore, the fact that they also work on some of the greatest decoration items on the market will be a revelation. 

Donna KaranOscar de la RentaHermès, Fendi, almost nobody escaped the luxury home decor market, a discipline that works hand in hand with fashion design. Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers, has selected a few of the best designs made available by some of the most famous names in the fashion industry.

fashion designers mode decoration missoniMissoni Home collection by Missoni

Whether it’s about creating a piece of clothing or a luxury decoration item, Missoni keeps its festive and colorful flavor. The brand’s beddings are sure to add a welcoming touch to your interior. We simply love this detailed cushion (307 $).

Vera Wang Home collection by Vera Wang

Renowned for her sumptuous wedding dresses, Vera Wang also designs elegant and classic comforters ensembles. These beddings are more than affordable since they range anywhere between 90 $ and 110 $ US. Our favorite kit is the  Noir Duvet collection.

Armani Casa collection by Armani

With furnishings as exquisite as its clothes, the Armani Casa collection is clearly designed to set the tone in any luxury property. We have completely fallen for the gracious lines of the Borromini chaise longue, a chair that has its own character.

fashion designers mode decoration ralph laurenRalph Lauren Home collection by Ralph Lauren

Always refined and distinguished, Ralph Lauren managed to transpose its irreproachable taste in clothing to a collection of home decor items destined to fill your environment with a life of its own. For 15 000 $, the Victorian bookcase is a definite must.

Versace Home collection by Versace

Versace is the one and only destination brand for the ones in search of tasteful extravagance. If you wish to use your home decor to display your fashion allegiance, Versace’s Deco Vanitas Sideboard Dining might do just that while unfailingly attracting the best kind of attention.

It is now possible to furnish a luxury property like anyone would wear a majestic pair of stilettos. It is well known that fashion is meant to be wearable art. If it is indeed so, designers furnishings and decoration items might just add to the coveted fashion lifestyle. Don’t forget that Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers is here to complete your collection with a luxury property that will fit your personal taste and colors.

Photo sources: Versace’s and Missoni’s official Facebook pages, Ralph Lauren’s official Instagram account .

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