Genest & Marinacci interviews – Magic moments with Buk & Nola

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Genest & Marinacci interviews – Magic moments with Buk & Nola

First and foremost, Buk & Nola is a charming boutique located on Laurier street in Montréal. It is also a business specialized in design and decoration that just launched an event planning service (take a look at their gorgeous accessories). We took a moment to chat with co-owner Laurence Marinacci, and we are pretty sure that Buk & Nola will turn out to be your latest home decor crush.

Genest & Marinacci: Buk & Nola is an accessories and decoration boutique. Your official website says that your motto is ”Casual chic”. Can you tell us more about your philosophy?  

Buk & Nola: Casual chic represents our boutique’s style and the image we want to project.  We believe a decor is a success when it represents the people that inhabit it. We love when houses seem to have been decorated easily (even if it does take a lot of work), and when they have their own energy and soul.

You are located on Laurier street in Montréal since 2009. In such a competitive environment, how do you explain Buk & Nola’s success and longevity? 

Well first, we are very intuitive and we always listen to our inner voices. It might seem like a very feminine approach, but it really is the founding principle of our success. Also, we never take anything for granted, and we keep searching for new ideas and new ways to impress our clientele. We are passionate about decoration and we love to spread positivity. People can probably feel it. Finally, by following us and shopping in our boutique, people feel like they are part of the Buk & Nola family, and that is our greatest achievement.

Entrevue Genest & Marinacci - Quelques instants inspirants avec Buk & Nola 2When taking a look at your collection, even if it is just a quick peak, we can rapidly see that every single item is very original. How do you choose which items will be in inventory? 

We are really selective when the time comes to add new items to the boutique’s inventory. We love to mix independent artists’ creations and bigger brands. Timing is of the essence, but we are also influenced by prices, style, trends… In the end, we always choose with our hearts.

Right now, we both have a huge crush on our Mudcloth cushions and Californian cactus prints.

What is the best decoration advice you can give? 

The best advice would be to choose the big pieces of furniture such as beds, tables, and couches, in neutral colors and simple designs. This way, they will stand the test of time while being easily complemented by livelier accessories. A cushion is easier to change than the whole couch!

Buk & Nola also specializes in home staging for Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers. Why did you add that service to your curriculum? 

We love home staging because it is a totally different approach than conventional interior design. Our clients are more detached, which allows us to be more creative. Plus, the results are instantaneous and very motivating!

How do you think a home decor influences its selling? 

A good decor that feels warm and inviting makes all the difference in the world! If you try to sell two houses in the same area, I guarantee that a spacious and agreeable decor will sell faster. Home buyers are clearly influenced by a room’s general feel, and they love to visualize themselves inhabiting the house. Furthermore, good home staging advantages the propriety’s architectural strengths.

To inquire about Buk & Nola’s services, please visit they’re official website, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. To get more information on how to effectively sell you property, don’t hesitate to contact Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers.

Photo: Buk & Nola

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