The most expensive property of the world has been put up for sale

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The most expensive property of the world has been put up for sale

Until last August, the most expensive property of the world was a ranch located in Texas that was recently sold for 725 million dollars. A couple of weeks ago, the record was broken by the famous Villa Les cèdres; a sumptuous luxury property located in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France.

As reported by multiple news outlets, the Villa Les cèdres was put up for sale for 1,1 billion dollars by the Campari business group. EcoMag says that « Les cèdres was bought as part of a lot by the Campari-Cinzano group last June. As soon as they made the transaction official, the Italian group put the Villa back on the real estate market ».

The impressive property has ten bedrooms, one ballroom, a concierge lodge, an in-ground pool carve directly into the rock, a stable that could welcome thirty horses, and a chapel. Even with this luxurious setup, what’s really notable about the Villa Les cèdres is the 14 hectares botanical park and its amazing display of 15 000 rare tropical plant species.

Located in the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula, on the renowned Côte d’Azur, the most expensive property of the world was once the secondary residence of Leoplold II, the king of Belgium. Rumor has it that some of Hollywood brightest stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Charlie Chaplin, have temporarily lived there.

Of course, such a legendary property doesn’t stay on the luxury real estate market for long. According to the media covering the story, many american and middle-eastern potential buyers have expressed their interest.

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Photo credit: official PropGOLuxury Facebook page


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