Outremont’s best fine cuisine restaurants

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Outremont’s best fine cuisine restaurants

Vacation time is here and, for many of us, it will be spent the best possible way: having exquisite meals with exquisite people. We suggest Outremont’s finest cuisine.

The city of Montreal offers a great deal of entertainment and good addresses but, most people think they have to be downtown Montreal or in the Old Port to find fine cuisine; they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, every single borough has its special selection of restaurants worth discovering… and Outremont is definitely a must for anyone craving a good meal.

Brasserie Bernard

One of our personal favorites is the always pleasant Brasserie Bernard. Located on Bernard Street, in the heart of Outremont, this restaurant-terrasse offers both surprising and meticulously conceived dishes that both your heart and soul will find satisfying. The irreproachable service and elaborate wine card will only add to your experience; it’ll make you want to return sooner than you would have expected.

For those of you who are really searching for perfection, the one and only Restaurant Christophe offers a menu filled with discoveries that will ease the challenge of having to choose only one specific meal.  The decadent selection of desserts will bring joy to the finest palates while satisfying their special interest for fine cuisine.

Specialized in French cuisine and nestled in a unique bistro ambiance, the Chez Lévêque restaurant will simply seduce you. Whether you like fresh seafood or meat, you will clearly spend a delicious moment in Outremont, one of Montreal’s most effervescent districts.

If you are currently spending time in the unique Town of Mount Royal, we suggest you take a look at our list of restaurants to discover to make sure your day ends in a proper fashion.

Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers, wish you a tasty vacation time! Enjoy!

Photo source: official Facebook pages of Brasserie Bernard and chez Christophe

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