Outremont, the home of academics in Montreal

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Outremont, the home of academics in Montreal

For a lot of people, Montreal’s Outremont is the home of a diverse community, a unique and heterogeneous ensemble that can’t be found anywhere else. From afar, this community may seem stagnant but, located in the heart of Montreal’s island since the late 19th century, Outremont is totally buzzing… even if its reputation has long been established.

With its 25 000 residents ranging from the middle to the upper class, the last few years have been rhyming with change in Outremont. Various businesses, restaurants, and boutiques gained in both popularity and recognition (for example, the Bilboquet has people lining up around the block for ice cream all year long), but the academic life is also exponentially growing.

Since 1943, the prestigious Université de Montréal has been partially installed in Outremont. Renowned worldwide for reaching the 113th position in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the Université de Montréal is the only francophone establishment to make it in the famous international top 150.

Such an endorsement comes with a lot of positive influence. On September 3rd, 2013, Quebec’s government announced an investment of 173,4 million dollars destined to build the university’s new Complexe des Sciences. Such an installation needed space and they found it on the grounds that once were destined for the old Outremont yard. Therefore, even if the local real estate market was already steady, current and future owners will soon stand alongside Quebec’s scientific elite, sharing their living space with what’s called « the Outremont site » of the Université de Montréal which should be completed by 2019.

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