Districts of Montreal – Outremont

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Districts of Montreal – Outremont


As its name “outre-mont”, beyond the mountain, is located behind the mountain of Mount Royal. It is a green and peaceful neighborhood, where beautiful historical houses can be found. You will find lots of parks and green space, as well as the big campus of Montreal’s University. Students, wealthy people, artists, and intellectuals meet in small cafes of Van Horn, Bernard and St-Viateur Streets. The location is quiet, warm and welcoming.


  • Théâtre Outremont ;_Quartier . Outremont_3
  • Galerie d’art d’Outremont ;
  • Vincent d’Indy Music school ;
  • Public libraries ;
  • Parks ;
  • Outside Skating ;
  • Swimming pools.


  • CHU Saint-Justine hospital ;
  • Campus Of the University of Montreal ;
  • Van Horne street ;
  • Metro stations ;
  • Bus ;
  • Cycle paths.

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