Terms and Conditions


A security deposit equal to the first month’s rent is required upon reservation. This deposit can be paid by bank transfer, direct deposit, credit card or any other accepted payment method. See PAYMENT METHODS. Please contact your IN LOGIA consultant for more information.

A reservation is considered confirmed when IN LOGIA receives your deposit AND confirms your booking by email.

Payment of the first month’s rent must be received 7 days prior to occupancy. However, an exception may be made when the booking is made less than 7 days prior to the beginning of the rental.


If no damage to the premises is found when you leave, the security deposit will be refunded in total. If damage is found, the amount required to correct the situation will be deducted from the security deposit and the balance will be refunded with evidence and supporting invoices. If the cost of repairs and/or replacement of objects proves to be greater than the amount of the deposit, you will be required to pay the extra costs.


The TENANT has to get a liability coverage for the amount of two million dollars ($2,000,000) for the rental address. A personal property coverage of ten thousand ($10,000) is strongly recommended. For additional coverage, please contact your IN LOGIA consultant.

This additional monthly fee will not be charged if the TENANT/ PAYER provides proof of valid home insurance for the rental property or any other proof of valid insurance coverage applicable to the rental property.


We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Cheque
  • Money order or certified cheque
  • PayPal (Master Card, Visa, American Express—any credit card accepted by PayPal for the reservation deposit)
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer *
  • Interact transfer **
  • Direct-deposit in any branch of the CIBC

* Charges apply.
** Conditions apply: the transfer must come from a Canadian bank up to a maximum of $2,000 per transfer.


Reservations cannot be cancelled during the lease. In the event of cancellation before the end of the term, IN LOGIA will charge the client the full amount of the reservation unless the cancellation is justified by force majeure (conditions apply).

You must notify us in writing of all cancellations. The cancellation of a confirmed booking will be subject to the following penalties based on the number of days the cancellation is made before the beginning of the rental period:

  • From 30 to 59 days prior to occupancy – 50% refund of the total amount of the deposit
  • From 60 to 89 days prior to occupancy – 100% refund of the deposit

Please note that there is no refund for cancellations made less than one month before occupation.


Arrival time at the rental property is normally 4:00 pm. Departure is no later than 10:00 am. It is possible to arrive or depart outside of these hours, but this must be must approved by IN LOGIA. Clients must be notified us of any changes in departure and/or arrival times so that we can confirm the unit’s availability.

Upon request, arrangements can be made to obtain or return unit keys outside of our normal business hours, during the weekend or during holidays.

If tenants extend their stay in the unit beyond the specified departure date without prior agreement, additional occupation days will be billed based on the applicable daily rate.


Tenants may extend their lease agreement by informing IN LOGIA of their intentions at least 30 days before the end of the lease.


Clients are responsible for keeping the property clean and in good condition. Clients must leave the unit in the same condition it was when they arrived. Cleaning fees will be charged to restore the property to IN LOGIA standards.


Clients must notify IN LOGIA of the number of people who will be living in the unit (adults and children). It should be noted that some buildings require a formal registration with the condominium’s management office.


Clients must obtain prior authorization to keep an animal in a rental unit. Some of our properties do not accept animals – please check with your consultant. In addition, IN LOGIA reserves the right to demand that clients who have kept animals in a unit without authorization leave the premises and in this case, the clients will not receive any compensation or refund for the remaining days of their stay.

Please note that all our units are non-smoking.


In no circumstance can occupants of the rental unit disturb the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood or the building’s occupants.

The occupants of the dwelling must comply with the building’s regulations, particularly with regard to noise and the use of common areas.

TENANTS are responsible for any claims from neighbours for disturbances they, family members, guests or any other occupant of the rental unit cause. If complaints are repeated, the TENANT or occupant, as the case may be, will have to vacate the premises and the TENANT cannot seek any reimbursement. TENANTS must bear the costs of any LEGAL AGENTS.


TENANTS agree to compensate IN LOGIA for any loss, harm, damage, costs, acts or provocation of any kind caused by tenants, authorized occupants, or any other person invited into the rental unit. IN LOGIA is in no way responsible for the loss, damage or theft of property used or stored by tenants in the unit during their stay, or of property left in the unit after their departure.

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