Three design and home decor blogs created to inspire

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Three design and home decor blogs created to inspire

Cold Fall nights are definitely coming our way and it is probable that, just like us, you’ve entered your annual cocooning mode. We also think that you might enjoy spending your evenings under a blanket, looking at the thousands of design and home decor blogs the Web has to offer. Here are our three current favorites… 

Design and home decor blogs for the ones who appreciate simplicity

blogues decoration home decor blogsThe title says it all. Simplement beau can be translated with Simply beautiful, a name that implies a state of mind and ure aesthetics. The intro reads ” Welcome on Simplement beau, a small inspiration notebook, a graphic designer’s bubble… a place where I share my discoveries, my desires, my pictures, great moments, or small day-to-day things that are simply beautiful…” (See picture on the left)

Design and home decor blogs for connected families

Who said you had to choose between having kids and being connected to the latest trends ? Exactly! No one. That’s the point The Socialite Family is trying to make by showcasing the interior and values of today’s typical family. ”Founded in 2013 by Constance Gennari, The Socialite Family is the very first website dedicated to the home decor and lifestyle of modern, urban, and connected families. Every week, access the intimacy of this new generation of parents and explore its inspiring decoration choices.”

Design and home decor blogs for vintage lovers

With its vintage treasures, surprising lines and intriguing textures, For Intérieur proves that contemporary and classic designs are meant for each other. ”For intérieur is a home decor blog. We talk about lofts, Scandinavian designs, interior architecture, hotels, and trends.”

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Photos : Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers and Simplement beau official Facebook page

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