Top 5 – Montreal’s architectural masterpieces

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Top 5 – Montreal’s architectural masterpieces

To celebrate the 32nd World Architecture Day, Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers, decided to honor the aesthetics and technical ingeniosity one can find all around the streets of Montreal. Since the city is filled with architectural jewels, we suggest starting with a list that will give you pointers as to where to start your sightseeing activities.

The following list regroups the first five (5) positions of Images Montréal‘s « Montreal’s 100 most beautiful buildings » list (« Les cents plus beaux édifices de Montréal »), positions that were decided according to users’ votes.

Place Ville-Marie – 8,51/10

“The complex is an architectural jewel, designed by I.M. Pei and Henry N. Cobb, with a total surface area of more than three million square feet. It offers innovative and ingenious office space where the best companies flourish and shape the future.”

Tour IBM Marathon (1250 René-Lévesque) – 8,28/10

“This building of new modern architecture, […] is said to be one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in Montreal, and is currently managed by Oxford Properties.” (Wikipédia)

Place Victoria – 8,27/10

CIBC Tower – 8,24/10

Built in 1962, this Class A building of prestigious reputation is the fifth highest in Montreal.

KPMG Tower – 8,12/10

“Double “A” category building, equipped with superior finishes and luxurious qualities and mechanical/electrical systems on the cutting edge of technology […].”

The whole top ten (10) mentions the 1000 de la Gauchetière, 67 Habitat, Saint Joseph Oratory, the Biosphere, and the Sun Life building. Going through the top 100, you’ll see the Windsor Station, the Notre-Dame Basilica, and the Palais des congrès. By going through the list, you’ll also be able to build a walking plan allowing to lift your eyes from your mobile devices and enjoy Montreal at its best; the perfect activity for the upcoming fall weekends.

Now, to find your own architectural jewel, your next property, contact Genest & Marinacci, Real Estate Brokers‘ highly qualified team.

Photo: Daniel Baylis, Unsplash.

Sources: Images Montréal, Place Ville-Marie official website, Wikipédia, Groupe Petra, Groupe Mach, Bentall Kennedy.

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