Town of Mount Royal, the ”garden city” in the heart of Montreal

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Town of Mount Royal, the ”garden city” in the heart of Montreal

Montreal hides many treasures within its history, its architecture, and its people. Rather unknown, one of them is surrounded by Villeray, Saint-Laurent, Outremont, and Notre-Dame-de-Grace. Let us introduce to you the « garden city », the town of Mount Royal.

Anyone who considers Montreal to be sad and gray might find themselves surprised to learn that since its construction in 1910, the town of Mount Royal has been dedicated to green spaces. Based on the concept of ”Garden city” as imagined by Ebenezer Howard, and proclaimed national historical landmark in 2008, the town is now called home by more than 20 000 people, all dedicated to its growth and flourishment.

Taking a stroll in the streets, if you take the time to really appreciate its lifestyle and patrimonial architecture, you might feel that the town of Mount Royal has completely escaped Montreal’s rhythm. Still central and urban, it managed to preserve a rather convivial and a family-like spirit; the perfect place to raise children and grow old.

Interestingly enough, the town is active on both Facebook and Instagram, and even if the town’s official social networks sum up the environment’s features, one must really visit to grab Mount Royal’s whole essence. If you ever feel like giving it a try, please note that Dakin park exhibits a brand new natural sculpture made of a Japanese type of willow. You’ll find it at the corner of St-Clare Road and Morrison Avenue.

Ville Mont-royal, la « cité jardin » au coeur de Montréal

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Photo source: Mount Royal’s official Facebook page

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