Districts of Montreal – Villeray

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Districts of Montreal – Villeray


Located in the heart of Montreal, Villeray is a colorful and friendly multicultural neighborhood where it is nice to live. You will find charming streets bordered by trees and duplexes with assorted spiral staircases. The area is animated with small Italian cafes, shops, and a multicultural market. You have the possibility to stretch your legs at the magnificent Jarry Park that is endowed with large green spaces, a beautiful water fountain and of a tennis stadium that welcomes world-class competition.


  • Jarry Park ;
  • Uniprix stadium (tennis) ;
  • The Tohu ;
  • National school of circus ;
  • The Taz ;
  • Parks ;
  • Skating rinks ;
  • Swimming pools.


  • Jean-Talon Hospital ;
  • Public libraries ;
  • Metro stations ;
  • Bus.

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