After the White House – Barack Obama’s new family home

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After the White House – Barack Obama’s new family home

After many years of service, the Internet now offers more information than ever. For example, it is now possible to find the exact residence the Obama family will inhabit when the time comes to leave the White House. Anyone can now have a look at the President’s new home… 

maison-blanche barack obama white house 1Starting at the very beginning of Donald Trump’s presidential term, set for January 20th, 2017, his predecessor and his family will move precisely two miles away from the White House, in the prestigious neighborhood known as Kalorama, Washington D.C.

All truth being told, the Obama’s future property is far for being held secret. Michelle, Barack, Natasha ”Sasha”, and Malia Obama will establish their new headquarters in a mansion owned by Joe Lockhart, Bill Clinton’s Press Secretary.

Built in 1928, the luxury property was first refurbished in 2011, and then bought by Lockhart and his wife for 5,3 million dollars in 2014. According to the media, things will stay as they are in the ownership department since the Obama family is renting the place.

Of course, if you take a look at the pictures available online, you’ll be able to grasp the house’s understated class and distinguished warmth; qualities that seem all too fitting for the exiting president of the United States of America. With its four stories, nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and three fireplaces distributed across 8 000 square feet, we bet the members of the Obama clan won’t step on each others’ toes.

Interestingly enough, it seems that Michelle and Barack chose to stay in the Capital’s area to allow their youngest daughter, Sasha, to finish school where she started it, eight years ago.

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Photo: Michelle and Barack Obama’s official Facebook pages, McFadden Group

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