Decorate your home quickly and tastefully for Halloween

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Decorate your home quickly and tastefully for Halloween

Halloween 2018 is upon us. In less than a week now, young and old will walk the streets of Montreal hoping to fill their bags of candy. If, with your hectic lifestyle, you have not had time to decorate your home and still want to make it inviting for all the little vampires and little witches of the neighborhood, here are some quick tips.

Choose one single theme and focus

Less is more, you know? It applies wonderfully in this case. Instead of heading into an all-in-one shop and buy everything, choose to invest in a larger-than-life theme.

You could, for example, cover your front porch with gigantic webs and hang some large plush spiders in it. Or, you could bet on a good old classic and combine business with pleasure? Invite family and friends to cover themselves with white sheets and wander slowly on your lawn for an evening.

The more, the merrier

Of course, installing a carved and lit pumpkins on your doorstep is a definite symbol. However, doing pumpkin carving is not an easy and quick activity. By relying instead on the amount of pumpkins placed on your doorstep, you could be a sensation (even if they are not all lit)!


Citrouille Halloween pumpkin


The same logic applies with regard to false bats, small ghosts and other classic decorations.


Décorations Halloween Decorations

Halloween is all about setting a mood

If you really want to save time, your best bet is in the installation of blacklights that will have a cool effect on your visitors. Add to that an ominous soundscape and you’re done.

A minimalist Halloween

If you are more of a peaceful nature, you can indulge in a minimalist and rustic decor with some pumpkins, a few haystacks here and there, and some orange lights to signal your presence to the little hunters of sweets that will pass in your neighborhood.


Rustic Halloween rustique


Whatever you do, you can go ahead and Start you décoration by doing a little research using popular hashtags such as #Halloween and #HalloweenDecor.

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Photo : Ehud Neuhaus, Unsplash

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