Humaniti – A brand new real estate project made in Montreal

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Humaniti – A brand new real estate project made in Montreal

The least we can say is that Montreal’s skyline will change a lot within the next few months. After the new Four Seasons hotel and branded luxury residences announcement, we now learn that De Bleury and Viger street will be the theater of a brand new real estate project called Humaniti. 

projet immobilier montreal real estate projectLast week, La Presse published a very detailed article about the project. When we first read it, we immediately saw the architectural similarities between Four Seasons residences and the new complex. Montreal will soon become more vertical than ever and will benefit from the pure lines and creative designs of the Lemay architectural firm.

Of course, since it has been stated that the real estate project was evaluated at 200 million dollars, many will be prompt to believe it is meant to be classified as luxury real estate. On the contrary, it will be possible to rent an apartment for 2,50 $ per square foot and to buy a condo for an amount located between 560 $ and 570 $ per square foot.

Maxime Bergeron, La Presse columnist, explains that the real estate project has five main uses : appartment rentals, condos, office spaces, commercial spaces, and touristic amenities.

”The main tour, parallel to De Bleury street, will include 335 apartments distributed on 24 floors, and 140 condos located on the top 14 floors. A five stories building will offer 70 00 square feet of office space for sale or for rent, on the west portion of the property. Finally, a 10 stories and 200 rooms ”suspended” hotel will be located on the north portion of the property. As for the first floor, it will be dedicated to 20 000 square feet of commercial space adjacent to a public space right in the middle of the complex.”

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Source : La Presse, Newswire

Photo : Lemay

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