Immerse yourself in an enchanting penthouse in Little Italy, designed by architect owners

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Immerse yourself in an enchanting penthouse in Little Italy, designed by architect owners

Testimonial: Living in a Penthouse in the heart of Little Italy

Ideally located on Saint-Urbain, a rock’s throw away from la dolce vita on Boulevard Saint-Laurent and the Jean-Talon Market, lies an architectural gem designed by Saucier+Perrotte. Inside, a gorgeous three-bedroom penthouse, covering 2,500 square feet, offers an open, minimalistic living environment that is truly unique. We meet the owners and designers of the condo: Mr. Bustros and Ms. Bendix.

From a textile factory to an architect’s condo


An architect at Saucier+Perrotte with a passion for design and art, Ms. Bendix has always had a keen eye for light, home-staging, materials, and textures. Her creativity and her love of rare and beautiful objects is evidenced in her apartment—a “canvas,” as she likes to call it, whose luxuriousness is revealed in the unique space it offers. “I chose beautiful materials and preserved the unit’s existing, historical qualities. No unnecessary frills. Everything is nice and sharp, with straight, clean lines. Of course, I maintained the quality of the space, while making it livable and functional.”

The result? Sleek, luminous living areas with very high ceilings and authentic industrial accents. In short, a place where “you can breathe easy.”


Letting the sun in: dazzling light on a daily basis


Picture yourself sipping a cup of coffee near large windows through which the sun pours in every morning. “The sun creates all sorts of interesting designs when it comes in through the front windows. In the summertime, it traces a long line on the walls, and in winter, it travels all the way to the kitchen. It’s absolutely magnificent.” At sunset, on summer evenings, the family gathers on the large open terrace, which offers views on Mount Royal. The vivid, changing colours offer a stunning spectacle of nature, enhanced by the summer fireworks and the delightful flavors and aromas of barbecue dinners. “Watching the moon rise is a show in itself,” admits Ms. Bendix.

Details that make all the difference


“The location of the condo is quite special because you can see a lot of sky and horizon from its different windows. There is no obstruction.” The open view from the master bedroom and bathroom is especially breathtaking. The bathtub faces large bay windows that look out on a lovely church. The kitchen’s central location—ideal for welcoming guests and enjoying fine wines—is highly enjoyable, not to mention the general positive vibe of the entire apartment. “We had two small children when we arrived here. Now, they are approaching or entering adolescence. We feel very fortunate to have been able to offer them, and ourselves, such an inspiring place to live all these years.”

Little Italy: an unbeatable neighborhood


“My ideal living environment includes a social life and a neighborhood where everything is accessible on foot.” Perfectly located, the condo is minutes away from the lively Jean-Talon Market, Caffè San Simeon, Fruiterie Milano, and delicious restaurants such as Marconi, Manitoba, and Mile Ex. Jarry Park, located a 10-minute walk away, offers a wonderful natural setting for summer picnics and afternoon trips to the pool. “In the end, what I like the most about the neighborhood is the diversity of amazing people that come together and give it a lively atmosphere. It’s very pleasant!


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